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Government Resumes Canadian Citizenship Tests Online

After eight months of waiting, IRCC is resuming Canadian citizenship tests and for the first time ever, they will be conducting them online. 

After facing indefinite delays for citizenship tests to resume, IRCC is launching a new platform to deliver the test online. 

Online Canadian citizenship tests

The Nov. 26 IRCC announcement will be welcome news to the thousands who have been waiting since March 14, 2020, to take their citizenship test. The tests were stopped in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although virtual citizenship ceremonies did take place in the months since the pandemic started, citizenship tests and interviews were not available. 

Only candidates who had their citizenship test cancelled since March 14, or those who are on the waiting list, will be eligible for this new online version. CBC News reports this number is approximately 5,000 people. 

Added security measures

Since this the first time IRCC is conducting Canadian citizenship tests online, there are additional security measures to confirm test-takers identities.

Candidates will be asked personal questions prior to the test to verify their identity. They will need to provide photos of themselves and their ID documents via a webcam. That webcam will then take pictures of them during the test to ensure the test-taker is the one who is answering the questions.  

The Canadian citizenship test: what is it and who needs to take it

The Canadian citizenship test is a 30-minute questionnaire. The test comprises of a series of 20 questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians. The test includes questions on Canada’s history, geography, economy, laws, and politics. 

Only permanent residents between the ages of 18 to 54 are required to take the test and attend an interview. Anyone who falls outside of that age range is exempt from taking the test. However, almost everyone must attend a citizenship interview.

Canadian citizenship vs. permanent residence

In order to be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, one must first be a Canadian permanent resident. You must also live three out of five years in Canada and pay all applicable taxes during your Canadian residency. 

The main advantage of Canadian citizenship versus permanent residence is that citizens may apply for a Canadian passport. Also, Canadian citizenship does not need to be maintained like Canadian permanent residence

Canadian citizens are also free to vote in municipal and federal elections. But perhaps the most important aspect of Canadian citizenship is that it gives the holder the peace of mind and security in their new Canadian lives. 

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