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British Columbia’s Latest Tech Draw Invites 68 Candidates

On June 1, 2021, British Columbia (BC) issued 68 invitations in the first Tech draw since the pilot became permanent. BC selected candidates with a minimum score of 80 and targeted four categories.

Where does the minimum score come from?

British Columbia manages applications through their Skills Immigrations Registration System (SIRS). When an applicant creates an Expression of Interest profile, the system provides them with a SIRS score. The SIRS score is based on both economic factors relating to the job offer and factors concerning a candidate’s ability to settle in the province. BC uses this score to rank candidates and determine who receives an invitation. Candidates with a score above the lowest score selected will receive an invitation. The minimum score selected in Tech draws has been 80 in all but one draw this year. Scores for non-Tech draws have been consistently higher than Tech draws; this provides candidates that qualify for these draws a higher chance of receiving an invitation.

How can I be invited through a BC Tech draw?

Tech draws target the Skilled Worker and International Graduate categories under the Express Entry (EE) and Skills Immigration (SI) pathways. Candidates must be eligible for one of these existing categories to receive an invitation through a BC Tech draw. In addition, candidates must have a job offer in one of BC’s 29 in-demand tech occupations.

What is the difference between the Skills Immigration and Express Entry pathways?

Candidates submitting an Expression of Interest under the Express Entry pathway must be eligible to submit an Express Entry profile. As BC’s points system differs from Express Entry, candidates may meet the requirements to submit a profile under the former but not the latter. Candidates who submit under one of BC’s Express Entry pathways could receive an additional 600 points toward their CRS score. This allows an applicant to submit an application for permanent residence (PR) through the Express Entry system; the processing time for this application is 6 months. In contrast, the processing time for PR provincial nominee applications outside of Express Entry is currently 15 – 19 months.  

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