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Quebec invites 90 Skilled Workers in the latest Arrima draw

On May 27th, Quebec issues 90 invitations through the Arrima portal to apply for permanent selection under their Quebec Skilled Worker program.

Who received an invitation in this draw?

The most recent draw targeted candidates under the Regular Skilled Worker Program, specifically those that either:

  1. hold a validated job offer or
  2. are in Quebec as a diplomat, consular officer, United Nations representative, or a representative of any intergovernmental organization with operations in the province, and their staff.

How does the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Work?

Quebec’s immigration system operates different than other provinces in Canada. The federal government has an agreement with Quebec that allows them to select their own immigrants. Therefore, candidates interested in settling in Quebec cannot apply directly to the federal government for permanent residence (PR). To apply for PR in Quebec, skilled worker candidates must first apply to receive a CSQ, or Certificat de sélection du Québec. This certificate shows that Quebec accepts the candidate and can be used to apply for PR to the federal government.

What is Arrima?

Arrima is Quebec’s equivalent to the federal Express Entry pool, that is, a platform that manages the province’s Expression of Interest profiles. The system also allows Quebec companies to connect directly with candidates in the Arrima pool to meet their labour needs. Arrima manages profiles through the following four Quebec programs:

  1. Regular Skilled Worker Program (also known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program)
  2. Québec Experience Program
  3. Permanent immigration pilot programs
  4. International Student Program (only to transmit documents)
Lauren Boorman

Lauren is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Montreal with a particular focus on researching and writing about the latest updates in immigration news.

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