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BC PNP Draw: 195 Invitations Issued

British Columbia has held its second draw of the new year, extending invitations to 195 candidates across five streams of the BC PNP.

January 19th BC PNP draw results: 195 invitations

Express Entry BC categories (EEBC) minimum score:

  • Skilled Worker: 106
  • International Graduate: 103

BC Skills Immigration categories minimum score: 

  • Skilled Worker: 96
  • International Graduate: 96
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker: 80

About British Columbia’s provincial immigration system

BC PNP is primarily for candidates who have a job offer from a BC employer. In some cases, holders of a graduate diploma from an eligible BC educational institution can be eligible to apply without a job offer. The graduate degree must be in a specific field of study. You can find which fields of study are eligible here.

Since most BC PNP programs require an applicant to be living and working in the province, they make efforts to ensure the applicant has continuous status during the processing of the application. BC PNP will provide you with a work permit support letter if you meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You have been nominated by the BC PNP
  2. You submitted your application to IRCC  before your nomination certificate expired
  3. You continue to meet the conditions of nomination
  4. Your current work permit expires within 120 days
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