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Canada’s Immigration Minister on the Future of Canadian Immigration

Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino appeared on Canadian talk show the Agenda to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s immigration system as well as the economy, and the IRCC’s plan for recovery.

Canada on track to welcome more newcomers than ever 

More growth is on the horizon for Canadian immigration, according to Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino. 

In spite of the challenges immigration has faced as a result of COVID-19, Mendicino has stated that they can, and have been able to continue welcoming newcomers to Canada by creating innovating immigration policy that allows foreign workers and international students to come to Canada under special measures.

Through this interview, Mendicino assured the public that the IRCC is on track to hit ambitious immigration targets as outlined in the Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023.

The importance of admitting foreign nationals to Canada

He stressed the importance of foreign workers and international students for the contributions that they make to Canadian society on an ongoing basis, and particularly those who have been instrumental in the fight against COVID-19. 

According to Mendicino,  it is our responsibility as a nation to take care of the most vulnerable cohorts of the population, including refugees who are continuing to seek entry to Canada and who may be more susceptible to contracting the virus. 

Mendicino pledged to continue working to remove barriers to all foreign nationals who are interested in becoming Canadian citizens.

Canada continues to modernize its immigration system

Canada is continuing to modernize its immigration system to respond to current needs, moving citizenship ceremonies online and making it easier for applicants to submit documents virtually. 

Mendicino stated that he looks forward to the day that the borders can reopen, although we are not there yet. There have been additional resources directed to the border to ensure that all foreign nationals are entering safely, and ensuring the wellbeing of Canadian citizens.

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