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Temporary Resident Applicants Inside Canada Exempt From Biometrics

Temporary Resident Applicants Inside Canada Exempt From Biometrics

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, temporary resident applications from within Canada are exempt from providing biometrics until further notice. Prior to this announcement, temporary residents in Canada were given an extension of their existing status in Canada and an extended deadline to provide biometrics. 

This new announcement means that IRCC can now render a decision on an application submitted within Canada without biometrics. This is welcome news to many temporary residents who have been eager to move forward with their applications but were unable to do so because the facilities that collect biometrics were closed due to COVID-19. 

Canadian immigration applications exempt from biometrics collection

Prior to this announcement, some essential workers were provided exemptions for biometrics but this new policy greatly expands the categories of applications covered. You’re now exempt from biometrics collection if you’re in Canada and are applying for one of the following:

  • An extension of a work permit
  • A new work permit
  • An extension of a study permit
  • A new study permit
  • A visitor visa
  • A visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident
  • Restoration of temporary resident status
  • A temporary resident permit

Notably, permanent resident applications are not included in this new policy. The announcement states that alternative solutions for permanent resident applications are being looked into, but as of now, permanent resident applicants must provide biometrics for a decision to be made on their case.  

It is not clear how long this exemption will last as more facilities that collect biometrics gradually reopen. ITC News will continue to report on this issue as new information becomes available. 

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