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Nova Scotia’s International Student Support and Integration Program

International students studying in Atlantic Provinces, can expect to be able to be a part of the Atlantic Growth and Strategy Program. An example of one school being; Cape Breton University, whereby students can expect to receive the support needed to feel a part of the community.

Initiated in 2016, the program is there to support and help international students integrate while in Canada. Study and Stay in Atlanta is there to welcome and help newcomers start their new life and make their new home, their actual home. An application that takes approximately 5 minutes will allow for this program to identify the needs and wants you may have in order to be able to allocate the right resources to you and or your family.

What started as a pilot program, became a program that on March 15th, 2021, received federal government funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, to support keeping international students and their families.

How can this program help an International Student?

As an international student, it can be hard to feel a part of a community that is new and foreign to them. This program is catered to support these sentiments and provide guidance and assistance to help students integrate and feel welcomed.

The fundamental goal of this program is to be able to support newcomers by providing them with the resources they need to have a smooth transition with their new life in Canada. Be it finding a mentor, helping with coursework, finding a job and or simply being a part of the community. New Dawn/CBICI International Student and Graduate Support and Integration project is geared to help 800 students in its first year of operation and expand each year thereafter.

Does this program Help with employment in Canada?

Not only does the program help with finding employment in Canada, but it is also meant to help international students gain permanent residency through immigration streams in the Atlantic provinces upon graduating.

A graduate retention survey by the Association of Atlantic Universities that was completed in 2017 indicated that 75% of international students stated that were likely to remain in Canada after completion of their program in order to gain permanent residency and become Canadian Citizens thereafter.

Education and innovation are key to growth and as a society, we are our best when we come together and share international perspectives. This investment will allow quality support services to continue to allow our students to thrive after graduation”

CBU president David Dingwall

Nadia Bhuptani

Nadia Bhuptani is the Director of the International Student Department at Canadim Law Firm. She has helped people come to Canada to study and thereafter immigrate to Canada.

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