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Federal government to invest in boosting immigration to Sudbury, Ontario

Canadian government organization, FedNor, which aims to facilitate economic growth in Northern Ontario, will be providing nearly $500,000 in funding to assist in increasing the number of new Canadian immigrants settling in Sudbury, Ontario under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program (RNIP). 

The RNIP program launched in June 2019 with the goal of creating a pathway to permanent residence for foreign workers wishing to settle in, and fulfil the economic demands of select rural Canadian communities. Much of the program’s requirements are tailored to the needs of the community and designed to ensure applicants intend to settle in the region long-term.

Among these participating communities is Sudbury, Ontario. Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario with a population of just over 160,000, known by its inhabitants as the “Nickel City” or “Nickel Capital”, following the discovery of nickel ore in 1883. While mining has remained a staple of their economy, the community has also diversified and become established in areas of finance, business, tourism, health care, education, government. and science and technology research.

On May 17th,2021, the government announced an allocation of funds that will allow Sudbury to hire a Business Development Officer and Technical Coordinator to assist employers in filling employment gaps by raising their awareness of the options available through the RNIP immigration pathway.

What Does This Mean for Immigration?

The government’s investment in Sudbury’s newcomers echoes a pattern of Canada’s ongoing commitment to promote immigration in rural communities to support economic growth. As employers are encouraged to use immigration pathways to bridge labour gaps in their communities, more opportunities are likely to become available to those seeking employment in Canada.

Lauren Boorman

Lauren is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Montreal with a particular focus on researching and writing about the latest updates in immigration news.

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