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Canadian Travel Restrictions Extended Until Aug 31

The government has again extended the Canadian travel restrictions for all non-essential visitors until at least Aug 31. It is unclear if this will be the final extension of the Canadian travel restrictions that were initially enacted in March to help flatten the Covid-19 infection curve. 

Canadian travel restrictions: who can enter the country

The Canadian travel restrictions are designed to eliminate any non-essential visitors to Canada. Essential goods and services, as well as some workers and students, are permitted to enter the country. Additionally, the immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are permitted to enter if they are planning a trip longer than 15 days and abide by the mandatory 14-day quarantine period. 

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • People approved for Canadian permanent residence
  • Some temporary foreign workers
  • Some international students
  • Immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents (spouses or common-law partners, dependent children, a dependent child of a dependent child, parent or step-parent, guardian or tutor)
  • The full list of exempt individuals is available here

Canadian immigration is still happening

Despite the Canadian travel restrictions, Canada is still accepting applications for temporary and permanent visas. Provincial Nominee Programs draws are taking place at levels similar to before the pandemic. The Canadian government has also implemented new measures to make studying in Canada easier for international students. 

Canada’s downward trend of new Covid-19 cases

Despite a rocky start in March and April, Canada has been relatively effective at curbing new Covid-19 cases across the country. The purpose of the continuation of travel restrictions to ensure that cases do not significantly rise as Canada continues to reopen the economy. 

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