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Canada’s Top Jobs for 2021

Just as Canada’s labour market was looking to be on the road to recovery, employment numbers are once again in decline. In December, Canada lost 63,000 jobs, the first decline the country has seen since April. This is in large part due to the mounting restrictions in response to the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country. 

It’s not all bad news, though. According to multinational employment agency Randstad, the pandemic has contributed to boosting employment in certain areas of the economy.

They created a list of the top jobs in Canada for 2021. The following is a list of the most in-demand jobs in the country with their corresponding National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes:

  1. Administrative assistants (1241, 1242, 1243)
  2. Customer service representatives (6551)
  3. Sales associate (6421)
  4. Driver (7511, 7512, 7513, 7514)
  5. Accounts payable and receivable 
  6. Registered nurse (3012)
  7. General labourer (7611, 7612, 7621)
  8. Project manager
  9. Welder (7237)
  10. Electrical engineer (2133)
  11. Software developer
  12. Merchandiser
  13. Accountant (1111)
  14. HR manager (0112)
  15. Financial advisor

Customer service representatives, especially those working online are in high demand across a wide array of industries. As companies find themselves having to adapt to a new online reality, many are realizing that they are in need of qualified service representatives. 

IT professionals have been instrumental in helping companies make the move to online sales, upgrading websites, and helping to create new strategies for online business models.

Delivery drivers also make the list. While drivers of all kinds have been in demand across Canada for years, there is added need for short-term deliveries within cities.

Finding a Job in Canada

If you’re interested in finding a job in Canada, one of these tools may be able to help:

Canada Job Bank: This tool can help you search jobs posted by employers across Canada. You can get matched with a job based on your credentials and work experience. 

Government of Canada Jobs: Find current job postings with the Canadian government.

Student Employment: Search job opportunities for students listed by the Canadian government and private employers. 

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