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Submit Your Best Letter of Intent For Studying In Canada

If you are planning on putting forward an application for a Canadian study permit, you will be required to submit a letter of intent to the Canadian government. 

A letter of intent must convey your plans to study in the country, and outline why you are choosing this academic program in Canada. The document makes up a critical part of the study permit application. It communicates directly to the visa officer assessing your case what your goals are, and that you understand the responsibilities of being a permit-holder. The point of the letter of intent is to convince the Canadian government that you will respect the parameters of your permit, including not staying in the country after the permit has expired.

With Canadian study permit applications increasingly facing rejection due to mismanagement or ambiguous letters of intent, it’s more important than ever to submit an application that satisfies immigration officials and assures them you are the right match for the program.

A strong letter of intent will be an important part of the study permit application, and help you get your best chances at approval.

Study Pathways To Canadian Permanent Residence
For many, staying in Canada after graduation is a central goal to studying in the country. Although the Canadian study permit represents temporary status in Canada, educational experience is highly valued in several Canadian immigration programs. Graduates will likely be able to apply under the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry, or may be eligible for several different PNP’s in their province of study, which ultimately lead to permanent resident status in Canada for you and your family.

For those interested in continuing their stay, the Post-Graduate Work Permit may be an attractive option. The PGWP allows international graduates to apply for an open work permit lasting up to three years, meaning they can live and work in Canada for any employer during this period.

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