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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Invites 564 Applicants

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Invites 564 Applicants

In one of the biggest draws of 2020, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) sent 564 invitations to candidates in their provincial program.

The Dec. 1 SINP draw sent invitations to 138 candidates in the SINP – Express Entry subcategory and 426 in the Occupations-in-Demand stream. This is the second-largest draw for the Occupations-in-Demand stream for all of 2020. 

December 1 SINP draw results

SINP Occupations in Demand sub-category 

  • Invitations: 426
  • Minimum score: 74

Express Entry sub-category

  • Invitations: 138
  • Minimum score: 74

The minimum score for this most recent draw was slightly lower than the Nov. 19 SINP draw. In that draw, Express Entry candidates needed 78 points and Occupations-in-Demand required 80. 

SINP points 

A score of 60 on the SINP points assessment grid is the minimum score to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Saskatchewan. But a score that low will likely mean that without an additional factor like a job offer, you are unlikely to be selected. 

Other factors besides a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer that can bump you SINP points are higher education, stronger language proficiency or a close family relative living in the province.

Saskatchewan recently announced that bilingual candidates will now receive bonus points on their application if they can demonstrate the results through an approved language test. 

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