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Manitoba PNP Draw July 2On July 2, Manitoba PNP invited 125 candidates to apply for permanent residence through three provincial immigration streams. 

Skilled Workers In Manitoba

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 101
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 475

International Education Stream

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 18

Skilled Workers Overseas

  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 6
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 816

Manitoba PNP: How it works

Manitoba PNP operates it’s own Express Entry like system. Applicants create an online profile with Manitoba Immigration called an Expression of Interest (EOI). Candidates are then submitted to a pool of applicants and are ranked based on selection factors. 

Candidates with close connections to Manitoba will rank higher. If you are invited to apply to Manitoba PNP, you must submit an application for permanent residence with Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

Manitoba PNP selection factors 

Under the Manitoba Skilled Worker and International Education Streams, applicants are assessed and ranked on six selection factors. These six selection factors evaluate your ability to successfully establish yourself in Manitoba. Manitoba PNP also assesses the likelihood you will reside in the province upon completion of your application. 

  1. Language proficiency: Applicants with higher official language test scores receive additional points
  2. Age: Candidates between the age of 21-45 receive maximum points 
  3. Work experience: Four or more years of work experience will be ranked highest
  4. Education: Master’s or Ph.D. holders receive maximum points under this category
  5. Adaptability: A close relative and work/study experience in Manitoba will add additional points
  6. Risk assessment: If you have worked or studied in another province, this will actually subtract points from your application

Do I have to live in Manitoba if selected by Manitoba PNP?

Manitoba wants to make sure the applicants they grant permanent residence to are going to stay in Manitoba when their application is complete, but they cannot force you to stay. 

It’s important to remember that the end result of any successful PNP application is Canadian permanent residence. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects any permanent resident or citizens ability to live and work anywhere in Canada. 

In other words, a provincial government cannot prevent a permanent resident from leaving the province once their application is successfully completed. Having close personal or professional connections to the province is viewed by the Manitoba PNP as a strong indicator you are more likely to reside in the province when you receive your permanent resident status. 

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Adam Pinsky has a keen interest in all things immigration and has been working in the industry for 11 years.

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