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MPNP Draw: 218 Invitations Issued

Manitoba has held their second draw of the year, issuing 218 invitations to candidates through their overseas and local streams.

Breakdown of invitations issued:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba minimum score: 518

International Education minimum score: N/A

Skilled Workers Overseas minimum score: 681

Candidates invited through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream in this draw had been invited under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative and have experience in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations.

What is a Strategic Recruitment Initiative?

A Strategic Recruitment Initiative allows Manitoba employers to be actively involved in recruiting skilled foreign workers to fill labour shortages in the province. Recruitment campaigns are held in select locations abroad and are announced in advance on MPNP’s website here. Strategic Recruitment Initiatives could also include an exploratory visit, where promising candidates are invited to explore the province and, following an interview with an officer, have the chance to receive an Invitation to Apply.

About Manitoba’s provincial immigration system

MPNP offers skilled workers with a connection and an intention to reside the province, 3 pathways to gain nomination: Skilled Workers Overseas, Skilled Workers in Manitoba, and the International Education Stream.

Manitoba’s Skilled Worker Overseas stream requires that applicants have a connection in the province. This could be a friend or family member in the province, previous work experience or education, or an invitation through one of Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiatives.

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream is for applicants with at least six months of work experience with a Manitoba employer that have offered a full-time and long-term position with their company.

The International Education stream is offered for Manitoba graduates with a qualifying employment offer, internship, or entrepreneurship opportunity in the province.

Expressions of Interest submitted by Skilled Worker applicants are ranked against a points system, with the highest ranking applicants being invited to apply for nomination.

Lauren Boorman

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