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Montreal Ranked No. 2 In North America For Economic Rebound Post COVID-19

Montreal Ranked No. 2 In North America For Economic Rebound Post COVID-19

Employment in Montreal has only decreased by 5.7% overall when compared to February, making it the second-most economic resilient city in North America.  

The new study was conducted by Montréal International (MI), a private-public partnership that receives funding from the private sector, the governments of Canada and Québec, the Montréal Metropolitan Community, and the City of Montréal.

Montreal’s economic rebound

Montreal placed second in a list of North American cities that had the best employment rebounds following the COVID-19 lockdowns that sent shockwaves through municipal and federal economies. Toronto was the only other Canadian city that made the list, coming in at number 14.

The report highlights that many sectors of the Montreal economy that were heavily affected by social distancing measures like cultural and recreational services, hospitality, food service, and both wholesale and retail trade have made significant comebacks. 

Source: Statistics Canada Table 14-10-0287-03, Brookings Metro Recovery Index

The Canadian economic recovery

The Canadian economy is also recovering from the COVID-19 related economic slowdown. Canada created a record number of one million new jobs in June, 345,000 new jobs in July, and 246,000 jobs in August

How to immigrate to Montreal

Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec. Like many other provinces, Quebec has a robust immigration system that accepts thousands of newcomers a year. If you have experience in Quebec, you may want to consider the Quebec Experience Class program

There is also Express Entry. Applicants who apply to Express Entry should intend to reside outside the province of Quebec, but as a Canadian permanent resident, your freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

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