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It’s National Francophone Immigration Week 2020

It’s National Francophone Immigration Week 2020

From the shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, Francophones have had a huge impact on Canadian society. National Francophone Immigration Week starts on Nov. 2 and is a time to celebrate the contributions of French-speaking newcomers who are outside of Quebec.

Francophone immigration to Canada

Canada is a bilingual country with both English and French as official languages. While most French speakers are located in Quebec (the only province whose official language is French), there are Francophone communities from coast-to-coast in Canada. 

But even when you include Francophones in Quebec, French speakers are in the minority when compared to the English speaking majority. To address this disparity, Canada hopes to boost the total number of French speakers immigrating to Canada to 4.4%.

To reach this goal and to further support Francophone immigration to Canada, there are numerous programs and services made available to French speakers who wish to immigrate to Canada and for those who are already here. And most recently, IRCC announced that French and bilingual speakers would receive more points towards their Express Entry application

National Francophone Immigration Week 2020

National Francophone Immigration Week is not just a time to celebrate the contributions made by French-speaking newcomers to Canadian society. It’s an opportunity to show French speakers around the world that Canada is an inclusive country. A country that welcomes and supports Francophone immigration. 

“National Francophone Immigration Week is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of French-speaking newcomers and dynamism of Francophone communities outside Quebec. When we create welcoming and inclusive communities and provide French-speaking newcomers with support to settle in and connect to these communities, all of Canada benefits.” — Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration

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