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International Student Enrollment in US Falls Ten Percent From 2015

The United States has long been among the topmost sought-after destinations for international students. However, enrollment in the USA has dropped more than ten percent from 2015, which was also the last time the states saw a yearly enrollment of over 300,000 international students.

The possibility of getting on the path to a highly coveted American Green Card, or permanent resident status in the United States, has fueled many international students in selecting American schools for their studies abroad. In the 2018-2019 academic year, new enrollment of international students sat ten percent lower than in 2014-2015, falling consistently with each passing year. While enrollment drops in the United States, international student numbers in Canada are at the highest we have seen.

What’s Drawing Students Northward?

International students are increasingly finding Canada to be an attractive option for hosting their studies. The comparative ease in obtaining a study visa, the option of a Post-Graduate Work Permit, prioritization for those with Canadian study experience in federal immigration programs, and widely favorable attitudes towards newcomers are just a few factors that appeal to international students.

While immigration conditions in Canada become more open to those eligible to join the Canadian workforce, the current United States government has worked tirelessly to make the immigration process harder, longer and more demanding for foreign nationals.

Fortunately for those from major student-sending countries, Canada continues to make it easier for international students through the expansion of the Student Direct Stream to include even more countries. Students from participating countries will be able to benefit from faster permit processing times and accessible online application through the SDS website.

Anya Leibovitch

Anya Leibovitch is a writer, editor, and translator based in Montreal. She writes about the city’s tech and literary scene, as well as immigration.

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