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Canada to the rescue- How Canada’s Global Talent Stream saved US Visa Holders

The US immigration system has often been referred to as a lottery, with over 200,00 skilled worker applications submitted each year for only 85,000 spots. Although the odds of you winning this lottery are better than winning the $1million jackpot, applicants are left in immigration limbo, often for years, with little to no security.

For this reason, many applicants (and companies) have turned to Canada. Canada welcomes highly- skilled foreign workers, with ample temporary and permanent immigration options.

One program, in particular, has stood apart and assisted many stranded foreign workers in the USA. Under Canada’s Global Talent Stream, applicants with a Global Talent Stream Occupation can apply for expedited processing of work permit authorizations. What’s more, spouses and dependent children can be included in the application and Canadian work experience acquired is counted towards the applicant’s eligibility to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

How the Global Talent Stream has saved US Visa Holders.

A substantial portion of foreign workers in the USA are IT workers on an H1B visa. Canada’s Global Talent Stream Occupation list targets only IT-related occupations. With most large IT companies in the USA also having a presence in Canada, rather than hiring or extending the foreign national’s status in Canada, they transfer them to the Canadian branch, by-passing the US H1B visa lottery and utilizing Canada’s open immigration programs, specifically, the Global Talent Stream.

Permanent Resident Options Once in Canada

Foreign workers in the USA who move to Canada often have many more immigration options available to them, including Provincial Nominee Program and the Express Entry system.

In fact, while the USA may make it difficult for foreign nationals to stay permanently in the USA, in Canada, they are often the most highly- sought after immigrants with high English proficiency, solid education, and years of North American work experience, which all in all, lends them to excel in Canadian immigration.

In addition to the options, Canadian immigration also has the advantage of timing. It is not uncommon for an applicant to be waiting 10 + years for their US Green Card, the equivalent to Canadian permanent residence. In contrast, in-Canada applicants for Canadian permanent residence often see their paperwork finalized within 6 months.

In consideration of the above, it is no wonder Canada is increasing in popularity for both US based companies and foreign workers.

Rebecca Major

Rebecca Major is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Director of Operations at Canadim Law Firm. She has spent the last 11 years of her career helping thousands of people immigrate to Canada.

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