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Canada has held another Express Entry draw, just 11 days after issuing 1,842 invitations to Canadian Experience Class candidates. Yesterday’s draw saw 5,956 invitations extended to those in the Canadian Experience Class of the Express Entry pool. The minimum CRS score selected was 380, the lowest it has been since the historic draw in February that targeted every Canadian Experience Class candidate.

Draw Summary

Draw Number: 190
Draw Date: May 31, 2021
Number of Invitations Issued: 5,956
Minimum CRS: 380
Program Specified: Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Tie-breaking rule: May 28, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, Canada has continued to target candidates already in the country due to the travel restrictions currently in place. As a result, the CRS cut-off for Canadian Experience Class candidates has continued to reduce. This has allowed candidates that may have not otherwise received an invitation in the federal draw the opportunity to apply for permanent residence.

What kind of candidate could have received an invitation in this draw?

Mohammed is 44 years old with a master’s degree and five years of work experience in his home country. He came to Canada with his family on an intra-company transfer permit and has been working in Ontario for five years as a software developer. He scored a 6.5 on each area of the IELTS exam. His CRS score is 383, which secured him an invitation in this Express Entry draw.

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