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Canada is at the Apex of International Study Destinations

For the second year in a row, Canada has ranked as the top destination for international students in the’s 2021 ‘top 10 places to study abroad’ survey. Even during the pandemic, it has held its place above other popular destinations like the USA, the UK, and Australia.

In a global crisis why has Canada remained the top destination to study?

Every year more and more international students apply to come to Canada. Currently, there are over half a million international students.

Since the start of this pandemic, Canada’s borders have remained open for international students, unlike other countries which include the US, the UK and Australia had stricter border rules. The government of Canada shows no intention of closing the borders for international students when their presence in Canada is a requirement of the program.

In addition to Canada remaining accessible to international students, being able to secure an open work permit after completion of the studies plays a pivotal role in providing international students with a sense of security for their longer-term immigration needs.

There is also the cost element which plays a big part when considering where to study internationally. With the governments newly adopted public policy, allowing 100% of the Canadian course to be completed remotely, the relocation associated with gaining a Canadian credential can now be nonexistent.

Furthermore, international students have a strong profile when it comes to gaining permanent residency after the completion of their course. Once a student completes their program and gains a minimum of one-year Canadian work experience, this opens up many options for immigration to Canada.   

What factors were taken into consideration in determining the top destination?

Each destination award points in 7 areas international students all agree determine what makes a great study destination. These 7 areas were:

  1. To access higher quality teaching
  2. To achieve my career goals
  3. To develop myself personally
  4. To experience a new culture or lifestyle
  5. To have an adventure
  6. To learn a new language
  7. To make new friends or widen my professional network

Canada received the most overall points, making it the leading destination for international students in 2021.

Nadia Bhuptani

Nadia Bhuptani is the Director of the International Student Department at Canadim Law Firm. She has helped people come to Canada to study and thereafter immigrate to Canada.

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