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Canada Implements Special Immigration Measures For Lebanese Nationals

Canada Implements Special Immigration Measures For Lebanese Nationals

The government of Canada has implemented special immigration measures for Lebanese nationals in response to the tragic explosions in Beruit. 

The August 4 explosions in Beruit resulted in hundreds of fatalities, injured thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless and has created a humanitarian crisis. Canada’s response to the crisis in Lebanon has been to provide direct economic relief and to offer modest immigration support for Lebanese nationals. 

Special immigration measures for Lebanese nationals

  1. Lebanese citizens who are currently in Canada on a temporary visa can extend their status in Canada, free of charge if they are unable to return home because of the explosion.
  1. Lebanese-Canadians, currently in Lebanon, are free to return to Canada with their immediate family. Fees for renewal of their status documents are also waived at this time.  

Consular services in Lebanon

The government worked quickly to set up a task force to ensure that Canadian consular services are available and questions about immigration can be addressed quickly. 

Canadians who need consular help in Lebanon can contact the Embassy of Canada in Beirut at 961 4 726 700 or [email protected], or contact Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa at +1-613-996-8885 or [email protected].

How Canada is helping Lebanon

In addition to special immigration measures for Lebanese nationals, the Canadian government also provided economic support to the tune of $30 million in humanitarian assistance. As per the government’s website:

This funding will help trusted partners address immediate humanitarian needs and support efforts for early recovery. Continued provision of humanitarian assistance, including food, water and sanitation, shelter, and medical assistance, is essential to address the immediate needs of the affected people.

Other immigration options available to Lebanese nationals

Canada is still accepting applications for skilled worker applications as well as provincial immigration. Lebanese newcomers to Canada tend to be successful when immigrating to Canada via a skilled worker route given their familiarity with French, English, or both. 

Refugee and asylum applications are still being accepted but expect significant delays in processing across all categories of immigration due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. 

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